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Northern Sun Ltd (Northern Sun) is a Nordic start-up seed bank and plant breeding, consulting and expertise company. We are particularly focused on the production of seeds for northern medicinal and herbal plants. In Ilomantsi, we own greenhouse facilities where we started plant breeding of medicinal seeds in 2018.

The company’s network of associates also develops and test markets various natural products using northern medicinal and herbal plants, medicinal mushrooms and dwarfs.

The company also seeks to involve entrepreneurs in the wellness sector in its community of owners. We also want to broker wellness services through us, from yoga retreats to rowing boat trips.


A. Fair seed trade

We work with seed producers and plant breeding enthusiasts and professionals on a fair basis. We do not engage in biopiracy and we do not steal genetic capital.

If you have interesting plant strains and want to produce them for sale through us, you are welcome to become a small shareholder in the company as a producer and receive a fair share of the sales of your seeds.

Hemp and many other useful plants live in Finland at the northern extremes. We believe there is demand for northern genetics elsewhere as climate change makes weather conditions more extreme everywhere. We are also seeking genetics for the seed bank from elsewhere, from mountainous regions and other Nordic countries, as well as from Canada and Russia.


B. Participatory plant breeding

Plant breeding is the encoding of genetic information into seeds. The Linux operating system, which is installed on computers, was created with the help and support of a large network of coders. This is a key idea in our development of northern genetics for hemp and apple.

We are looking for experimental farmers to test hemp lines and make crosses. In the Northern Apple project, we will guide the farmer network to establish small orchards from selected seeds. The method will also be applied to the production of northern medicinal plant varieties. We are looking for plant enthusiasts to join us as both seed producers and experimental farmers.

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C. Prosperity and livelihoods for cooperation networks

Social sustainability is a starting point. We are not building a centralised business of a few large investors, but a business community of small producers and investors.

Existing businesses are welcome to become shareholders and developers, but we also offer flexible opportunities for light entrepreneurship. If you have ideas for products you could start producing with us, or opportunities to become a distributor of our products.

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