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A. Nordic fibre hemp

Hemp has enormous growing power under the northern sun. Fibre hops grow to giant size in a few months. The carbon sequestration capacity of a fibre hemp field, both above ground and in the soil, is high. At present, the Nordic fibre hop plantations are established with imported seed, and self-sufficient seed production is not possible.  The fibre varieties do not have the time to flower under long day conditions and require a 12h/12h light cycle.

Northern sun develops fast-growing lines that can produce seed in northern outdoor conditions and we hope to work with a collaborative network to develop northern indigenous fibre varieties.

We will also aim for significant cbd levels in the inflorescences and leaves of fibre varieties.

You can support the development work and participate in the trial cultivation by ordering about 50 seeds of fast growing cbd plants.  The price of the package is 50 e. We expect breeders to submit breeding reports in the autumn.

B. Growing medical hemp in the greenhouse

( only for residents of Finland)

Northern Sun Ltd is organising a web-course on growing medical hemp in greenhouse conditions without artificial light.

The cultivation work started in 2019 in Ilomants has produced encouraging results.It is possible to produce high quality medicinal cannabis competitively in the North without artificial light in seasonal greenhouses.

The liberalisation of hemp has the potential to open up business opportunities also for small greenhouse entrepreneurs.

During the course, each participant will sow and grow 30-300 seeds from the seeds of Northern Sun Ltd. The seeds are suitable for greenhouses, have a cbd content of 6-12% and a low thc content. Plants are expected to be 1.5 to 3 m tall and flower yields of 20 to 300 grams from each mother plant. The purpose of cultivation is not to use drugs but to learn and develop cultivation skills. After the course in winter 2022, there will be an opportunity to participate in a training course on the further processing of hemp, where we will go through the making of different hemp products from soaps, extracts, cosmetics to tinctures.

The course costs €50 and includes 30 seeds.

In addition to the seeds, the course includes breeding advice in the participants’ facebook group, participation in webinars.

Register now. Seed packets are waiting for participants.

Please send an email to:

C. Medicinal cannabis collection seeds

These seeds are sold for collection and genetic conservation purposes only.

Northern Balance

Balance lines with 5-10% of both components 10 seeds 20 e

Northern surprise

thc10-15% /cbd less than 2%10 pcs.20

Thc 15-20% /cbd less than 2% 5 pcs 20 e

All seeds are “regulars”, i.e. they produce both hede and female plants.

All seeds in limited quantities. Seeds are not sold for drug cultivation, but for collection and conservation of genetic resources. In addition to the seed price, we charge 5 euros per shipment for packaging and postage.

D. Ornamental Hemp Contest

The Northern Sun invites all enthusiasts to participate in the 2022 Summer Ornamental Hemp Contest. You can order crossbred seed from us, which is not suitable for intoxicating use due to its low thc content and high cbd content. CBD content in the plants is about 5-10%. The seed packet contains about 30 seeds and the price includes postage.

 30 e. Orders:

Contact us: