A bill to reform the drug law on hemp was knocked out in a round of opinions

On 9 May 2022, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health published its proposal for a reform of the Drugs Act to “clarify the status of hemp” for an accelerated round of opinions.

Pohjoinen Aurinko Oy protested about the quick round of statements in the middle of the busiest spring time and proposed that the entire bill be withdrawn to new preparations.

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Northern Sun is working towards the North Boreal

Press release 20.04.2022. Ilomantsi

Northern Sun l seed bank is seeking cooperation and
shareholders from the Nordic countries

Pohjoinen Aurinko has become known as a hemp company operating in Ilomantsi.

The company has started plant breeding and small-scale seed trade with hemp varieties
there. However, the company's business is more comprehensive than hemp variety and
seed production. First, we need hemp varieties suitable for use in the Nordic region, but we
want to develop a seed bank for other valuable crops in the garden or farm.

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