The Northern Sun maintains an in situ gene bank of the world’s northernmost apple tree
varieties and strains. Between 1998 and 2015, Virpi Virolainen and Hannu Hyvönen
mapped old apple trees and other useful plants from several hundred northern gardens as
far north as Lapland. The plant finds have been collected from hundreds of home gardens.

Did you know that red apples are not only pleasing to the eye, but also the healthiest. It is
the red-skinned apples that contain the most flavonoids.

Every year we collect red apple seeds from our gene bank and use them to launch a
participatory plant breeding project, Northern Red.

The aim of the project is to grow apple trees from the seeds and to study what discoveries
are made from the seeds of the world’s northernmost red-skinned apples.

Participants will receive training in seed sowing and cold treatment, and in the coming years
in training the seedlings from the bushes to their final growing sites.

Experience from apple surveys in northern Finland shows that the claim that apple trees
grown from seed are generally poor is a myth. It is very likely that the seeds of the apples
we collect will grow into rich, tasty red-skinned apples with the ability to withstand extreme

It is worth remembering that the frosts of the war years and the frosts of the 1980s
destroyed most of Finland’s apple trees. The genetics of northern apples are the lifeblood
of apple growing and the project aims to find new high quality varieties that can withstand
harsh winters and the frosts of June.

During the process, we will pass on a lot of traditional fruit tree knowledge to the
participants, ways of setting up a large orchard from quality trees at low cost and with
almost no inputs.The aim is to pass on the knowledge and ways that have been
accumulated through the Northern Finland apple project.

You can join the apple project by buying 50 euros worth of shares in the company. As a gift,
you will receive 50 research seeds and the right to order our research seeds for future

Watch the video of northern apple survey.

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