Tiedote 6.6.2022/ Pohjoinen Aurinko Oy

Bill to reform the drug law on hemp was knocked out in a round of statements


On 9 May 2022, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health published its proposal for a reform of the Drugs Act to “clarify the status of hemp” for an accelerated round of opinions.

Pohjoinen Aurinko Oy protested about the quick round of statements in the middle of the busiest spring time and proposed that the entire bill be withdrawn to new preparations. In the opinion of the draftsman, the way in which the draft law has been prepared in a completely opaque manner and without any documentation of the process by only one negotiating official does not meet the principles of good lawmaking.

Despite the acceleration, many players in the hemp sector have been ahead of schedule. The criticism received by various commentators of the bill is listed below by article. In the light of what has been read, the criticism can be considered overwhelming.