Northern Sun aims to be a diversified company in terms of production, marketing and ownership.

We offer three opportunities to become a shareholder.

With the amendment of the Articles of Association in spring 2021, three series of shares were registered for the company and the shares were subscribed as follows:

Series A / dividend rights and voting rights. In total, 1 800 000 shares in Series A of which about 600 000 shares are still subscribed for.

We are looking for Series A shareholders who want to be involved in the development of the company’s activities in its areas of activity.   We are inviting people and companies in the natural products sector, developers and companies in the hemp sector and people who have expertise to offer in areas ranging from biotechnology and horticulture to legislation.  Subscription price: 10 cents per share

Series B / dividend right, no voting rights

We offer the opportunity to invest in a Nordic seed bank and a start-up company in the cannabis sector. Northern Sun is one of the pioneers and trailblazers in the hemp industry and we hope to see a domestic and international breakthrough in the coming years. Approximately 900 000 shares are available.    Subscription price: 10 cents per share

Series C nature bearer share

Approximately 12 000 00 of these shares are subscribed and entitle the holder to purchase products and services offered by the company. The shares do not carry voting rights or dividend rights, but are In Nature shares whose benefits accrue to the owner in the form of services and products.

By buying shares for at least €50, you can join the product development network and buy products in the development phase for testing, as well as products that will be launched on the market, at a low share price. Subscription price: 10 cents per share

If you would like to join the solar community, please contact

Let us know your name and contact details and how much you would like to invest in the different series.   If you want to invest in series a, we would also welcome an introduction and information about your interests.

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